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"Happy campers" selected

Thank you to family/friends/colleagues/teammates (many of you being more than one of these) for your contributions to the Sean O’Blenis Scholarship Fund -Summer 2017. We had 9 “Happy Campers” thanks to your generosity!

Here is a breakdown by camp.

- Maine School of Science and Mathematics- 2 girls, ages 11-13 for a seven-day program.

- Blueberry Cove Residential Camp – 1 camper for a 2-week session.

- Tanglewood Leadership Camp – 1 camper for a 2-week session.

- Atlantic Coast Hockey Camp – 3 campers in total: two by the scholarship and one matched by the camp thanks to Coach Tremblay

- Southern Maine Junior Music Academy –2 campers for a 7-day residential camp.

Sean would have been very proud of our first year accomplishments – nine campers at $6822. Our goal is to provide at least $8000 in scholarships each summer for many years to come.

Again, thank you to all of you who made this first year successful. This is something wonderful that came out of tragedy. May Sean’s love for life live on through this scholarship fund.

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