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Sean lived every day of his 31 years to the fullest. He loved his family and friends, sports, music, technology, completion and camaraderie. Obviously we would prefer to have him with us, instead of creating a scholarship fund in his name. That being said, he would be very happy that his family, friends, coworkers, teammates, and Sean himself have provided funds to send boys and girls from Southern Maine to summer camps for years to come.


Sean was 8 when he asked to go to hockey camp in Wisconsin. He figured someone would get him from the airport to the camp and back! He settled on hockey camps in Maine, New Hampshire and Prince Edward Island, Canada.   Over the years Sean went to summer camps and programs of all types. There were camps covering sports, music, leadership, technology and academics.  We were fortunate enough to be able to pay for all of Sean’s camp adventures, but know that not all families are as lucky. Meeting other campers; gaining knowledge, skills, and confidence; and spending time with caring and compassionate staff, will last long after they return home.

Our goal is to serve at least 10 campers each summer. Please go to the Summer Camp page for information on the camps we are sponsoring, and check the Scholarship & Application page for the selection criteria.

If you would like to make a tax deductible contribution to this fund, or your company would like to match our contribution, please click on the button below.  If you have any questions, please contact through the form.


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